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Hospital Entrances

To ensure the safety of our volunteers, we have asked that they contribute to Gila Regional’s mission remotely. Therefore, Gila Regional currently does not have volunteers on campus to assist.

In addition to the NO VISITOR POLICY, the Main Entrance to the hospital, with the overhang, will be CLOSED to the PUBLIC until further notice.

There will be two (2) entrances available for patients and support persons to enter:

  1. The Emergency Department/Outpatient entrance is open at all times.
  2. The Cancer Center and Outpatient Surgical Patients entrance is to be used ONLY for those patients will be open during the hours of 6:30AM to 4:00PM.

All incoming patients will be screened at these entry points.

Patients who have appointments at the on-site facilities and in the main hospital (such as Radiology, Cardiopulmonary, Infusion Services and Lab) are to continue on to their respective destinations via the Emergency Department entrance. Please follow all the signage in the Hospital.